If you or your loved one has been arrested and are now facing criminal charges in Anaheim, CA, it is critical to find proper legal representation. California criminal laws can be complicated and the legal system can be challenging to navigate on your own. An experienced attorney will strategize your journey through the legal process. He/she will ensure that your rights are not violated and the most favorable outcome is achieved. At California Criminal Lawyer Group, we have the strength, skills and experience to handle any type of criminal case, whether State charges or Federal charges. Our team will employ the best possible defense tactics to either drop your charges, reduce those charges or face an outright ‘war’ at trial.

Spencer Seyb- Lead Attorney

Spencer has dedicated his entire career to criminal law since 2011. A graduate from Trinity Law School, Spencer has spent the last 10+ years handling nearly every type of criminal charge for his clients. From misdemeanors to felonies, Spencer has worked on cases throughout Southern California. He will consistently work for his clients to pursue the best possible outcome in each case. His goal is always to reduce or dismiss all charges in both California State Superiors Courts and Federal Courts. He also strives to provide the best customer service he can to his clients.  If you have a pending criminal charge, give us a call today!

What Sets Us Apart?

While there are other good and respected criminal defense lawyers in the Anaheim area, none are like those you’ll experience with CCLG. We begin and end with you! Our lawyers and staff are beside you and active in case preparation at every stage of your proceedings. We know the law, know the process and we know those who will be involved with your case proceedings. We have investigators and experts available to help us achieve the best outcome possible on your case. Our reputation depends upon the success we achieve with your case. We work tirelessly to win your case and have a lengthy list of satisfied clients who have achieved successful outcomes.

Legal Experience and Versatility

Many lawyers boast of successful results, but we have a proven history of consistent victories for our clients. Our reputation depends upon the results of each and every case. When you become our client, we take seriously the faith, hope and expectation with which you’ve entrusted upon us. We are committed to doing the absolute best work we can perform on your case to get the best possible result that can be achieved. We are skilled with experience and knowledge in handling misdemeanor and felony cases in both State and Federal court.

Track Record of Exceptional Success

Ask us about some of our past case results! We have a proven history of successfully defending all types of criminal cases and receiving outcomes much better than the ‘standard’ number of years in jail or ‘standard’ custody sentences and terms and conditions of settlement. Check our jury trial victories. When you hire us, we begin strategy and problem-solving from our very initial attorney-client meeting.

Personalized Representation

Another factor that separates us from other criminal defense lawyers is the amount of time we spend with our client and on our client’s case. You will never be in the dark or be in a position of not knowing what to expect. As long as you give us the necessary information “No stone will be left unturned” in pursuant of us achieving the best possible outcome in your case.

Customized Criminal Defense Strategies

General criminal defense strategies do not work in every situation because each criminal cases is different. Two people may face charges for the same offense, but the facts of their cases will be different. We believe in understanding the details of your case before deciding on the correct defense strategies to use. With the right approach, it becomes more effective to compel the court to either drop or reduce your charges.

Our skills and experience in handling various criminal cases have enabled us to custom-build each defense we employ. We cannot afford to take chances with your case because we know how life-altering a conviction is. We believe that with the right defense tools, we place you in a more premier position than the prosecutor, which is crucial in winning your case or convincing a judge or jury as to the merits of your case.

Understanding of Local Court Processes

We build trust with our clients, which gives us the reputation we have enjoyed for years. One thing that draws us closer to you is our understanding of the state laws and local court processes. Our pride lies not only in the fact that we are extremely qualified defense attorneys, but also understanding how the local courts operate and being familiar with the prosecutors, judges, and court clerks which has made our work very efficient for our clients.

For example, we can advise you best when we understand the state laws in detail. We can quickly and timely file the necessary documents when we know the operations of our local courts. We can strategically plan defense when we are familiar with the local prosecutors and judges. We can assertively represent you in court when we have followed all court processes and are confident that our defense might yield a positive outcome for your case.

We Have Your Best Interest at Heart

It helps to know that your attorney wants what is best for you. Sadly, we have attorneys who are driven by other factors, like their success and financial gain. At California Criminal Lawyer Group, we worry about your life. We know what a criminal conviction can do to a person’s future. That is why we do our best to avoid it. Our main goal is to have your charges dismissed. If that is not possible, we use our best negotiation skills to have your charges reduced.

Find an Anaheim Criminal Attorney Near Me

If you have been arrested and face criminal charges in Anaheim, CA, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for the best outcome of your case. At California Criminal Lawyer Group, our reputation proves we have the skills and knowledge to fight your charges and protect your rights against violation. Call us at 714-766-0965 today, and let us see how best we can make a difference in your case.